Ikariam version changelog announced


Ikariam admin posted details about the coming game update:

Here is the changelog for version

  • Feature - To prevent the use of scripts and bots during piracy, a security check in form of a Captcha is displayed after a particular number of capture runs.
  • Feature - Current capture runs can be cancelled. However, capture points and gold will then not be paid out to the player.
  • Feature - In the town advisory messages are now split into categories, which can be filtered there.
  • Feature - If a town cannot be demolished, the reasons that prevent a town from being demolished are now displayed.
  • Change - The time display for converting the crew strength has been revised.
  • Change - In the Pirate Fortress (menu) it is now displayed when the daily highscore for capture points will be calculated next.
  • Change - In the Pirate Fortress (menu) in the highscore the names of the players on the nearest islands on which there is a Pirate Fortress of the corresponding player are linked.
  • Change - At the end of a piracy cycle, all players receive a message about their position, not just the top 50.
  • Change - During the capture point conversion, the number of capture points that will be used up for it are displayed.
  • Change - The Research Advisor now opens with the Economy field of research by default.
  • Bugfix - A problem has been fixed which led to battles not being processed properly when relocating towns.
  • Bugfix - Error during Colossus miracle has been fixed. Sometimes wrong units were withdrawn from the battle.
  • Bugfix - Error message during raid pirate activity corrected.
  • Bugfix - The alliance highscore does not display all alliances on a page anymore, but in sync with the player highscore it displays 50 again.

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