Ikariam - Update 0.5.3, news and changes


The new version of Ikariam (0.5.3) is already live on test servers and soon will be online on all active worlds. Bellow you can find all the changes this update brings to the game.

New Feature: Piracy

The new research option 'Piracy' enables construction of the Pirate Fortress building on a new building slot located off the coast of the town. The slot is only available for this building's use. The building and its 30 levels enable the following new actions:

  • Capture runs - Pirates can be sent on 9 different capture runs in order to loot gold and capture points.
  • Raids - Pirate Fortresses belonging to other players that lie within range can be raided in order to loot their capture points. When successful, all enemy capture points will be looted.
  • Convert capture points - the individual capture points can be invested in your crew's strength, however implementing this takes time. The higher the strength of your crew, the better they are able to defend the Pirate Fortress and raid other players. Converting capture points can be sped up by using Ambrosia.

A new highscore list for capture points has been created, which runs for a set period of time and whose final score is visible until the cycle of the next judgement period.

A detail of the capture point's highscore list - in the Pirate Fortress, your own position and those of the 5 players above and 4 below you will be displayed. This display will be refreshed once a day.

The 50 players with the most capture points in their account at the end of the several days worth of judgement period will be rewarded with a generous treasure of resources: up to 16 fold of the safe storage capacity of one of each resource in every one of the player's towns for the person who achieves first place in the capture point highscore during this time period. After distribution of the prizes, all capture points as well as the upgraded crew strengths will be reset to zero and the pirate hunt for resources will begin afresh!

Note: Gold is a reward for the capture run, you cannot loot gold from other players.

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