Happy Pancake Friday on 1100AD


Today is not an ordinary friday, it's the day that 1100AD celebrates the Happy Fancake Friday, read bellow to find out more!

Today is not an ordinary Friday! As you already know, we are celebrating the Maslenitsa Pancake Fare the whole week long and this Friday is called the “Mother-in-law Pancakes Friday” (the translation is brief, of course). On this day the mother of the wife traditionally visits her daughter's house and her son-in-law has to be as gentle as he can both with his bride's mother and with all of her friends that she brings on this visit. And the young bride herself serves a plentiful feast to all of the guests.
We also would like to treat you a little, so each and every one of you will receive a keg of wine and some roast meat to make your celebration tastier!
What we would like to know, though – were there any traditions involving mothers-in-law in the times of the Crusades? In England or in France, or anywhere else in Europe, that is. Perhaps any of you has read something about it and would like to share these fun facts with the rest of us?

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