Halloween 2012 in Farmerama


Farmerama has organised a couple of nightly events for you in order to celebrate Halloween this year!

Moonlight mania

Don’t miss out on your chance to sow spooky seeds for a second time this month and unlock wicked rewards on October 29 2012 during Moonlight Mania.

Doom and Gloom will befall your farm

From October 30 2012 to November 5 2012, doom and gloom will befall your farm!

Two new creepy crops await you – toed-stools and colebrains! Plant them on your farm together with the other grisly crops: Beady eye bushes and Venus flytraps.

Also keep an eye peeled for frightening creepy-crawlers on your fields – collect them and give them to Renzo, so he can feed his black-feathered friends. Even if Jack’s Shop isn’t open on Halloween night, there are still many freakishly fun rewards to be had: the new crow’s cage and two upgrades.

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