Grepolis is updated to version 2.39


Grepolis is now updated to version 2.39. For all the details of the new version, read the following announcement:


  • Implementation of the Island Quests: New island quests will provide a versatile opportunity to face challenges and receive rewards while you are waiting for your buildings to upgrade and troops to be recruited for your next battles!
  • Implementation of a First-7-Days Login Reward System: Your first 7 unique login days are rewarded with an extra bonus that will increase in quality every day you login.
  • Implementation of our In-Game Survey Tool: The survey tool is an in-game feedback channels to direct your opinion and feedback directly to the Grepolis team. We will use this feature to create polls and surveys about new features, changes, and other interesting topics. Furthermore, we will also provide a monthly feature voting with 3 features for you to rate, so with this tool you will tell us which of those 3 features we will implement first!
  • Added a confirmation window when deleting an item from the inventory;
  • Improved behavior after clicking on an alliance pact invitation: the player will now be redirected to the correct window;
  • Added additional information about how the satisfaction in the farm villages windows;
  • From now on, the game will auto-scale the menu on the first login when playing on small screen resolutions; Modification of the breakthrough research: before, the strength reduction was only calculated if the attacker lost the fight. Now it is taken into account before the fight starts;

Some community requests have been implemented into the game:

  • Added the previous town owner name in the conquering log of alliances;
  • Added the alliance rank on alliance profiles;
  • Added the possibility to insert the maximum amount of available resources in the expansion window of the farm villages, by clicking on the resource icons.


  • The additional increase of favor while a bonus event was running was not displayed in the game;
  • The level of the city wall was wrongly calculated in some special cases;
  • The layout of the Premium windows was broken on Internet Explorer;
  • It was not possible to search for ocean 0 in the rankings;
  • Deleting or closing a thread in the alliance forum was bringing the user back to the first tab;
  • The "Go to island" links were not working;
  • Jumping to cities via ranking list was not working correctly;
  • Message notifications in the menu were still displayed for messages received from blocked players;
  • Opening the notification for Phoenician trader was not changing the town
  • Administrator banner is out of bounds in senate and town overview;
  • There was a wrong value of lootable resources displayed in farms overview;
  • There was a displaying error when changing town in barracks window;
  • The recruitment overview was not displaying the number of ships which were being built;
  • Fixed some quest helpers;
  • The building cost reduction was greyed in some cases when it shouldn't;
  • Fixed clear button in the attack planner;
  • Some issues with the ranking lists have been fixed;
  • The demolish button was not greyed out when the player was not able to demolish a building level anymore;
  • The invite friend via Facebook was not working as it should on Internet Explorer;
  • The highlight for the quest icon in the overview didn't properly show up on accepting quest with tutorials;
  • Accepting a reward or using an item from the item shop could solve the quest "The Power of the Gods";
  • After registering through the Windows Store app, the players didn't get any email with their password;
  • Players weren't able to end their vacation mode if they didn't have any active world;
  • The quest window was not updating the current state of the finished tasks even if the quest was not accepted;
  • The size settings of the menu bar were no longer considered by the game.
  • Fixed city list scrolling functionnality. (iOS)
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