Grepolis is updated to version 2.24


Today Tuesday 5 June, 2012 Grepolis will be updated to version 2.24. During the update period all user may experience difficulties loging in the game and other technical issues and they are advised to wait until to patch is fully implemented.

The new update brings changes to normal and hero worlds as long as various bug fixes and updates to the game bellow is the list of what is new:


  • Players received inactivity mail but were not given gold for logging back in through login page instead of via the link: the players can now collect their inactivity gold with the link from the mail even if they have logged in before
  • New invite friend feature: players can now invite their friends via Facebook
  • The friend invite menu has been extended with a Facebook button that uses the Facebook share API
  • You can invite via timeline postings and private messages
  • The automatic renewal of premium didn't stop if a player lost all of his cities and didn't create a new one: the premium extension is now reset when a player loses all of his cities and restarts
  • Colonization continues after all land units are destroyed: when conquering and losing all ground units, the remaining units are now sent home
  • Improvement/Refactoring of the Recruit overview, which now provides extended features such as sorting, filtering and recruiting units for multiple towns with two clicks


  • There was an error that prevented the message from being created to notify players when a friend they had invited reached 1000 points;
    There was a temporary error where players could not go to Email address in setting
  • Inviting an already-existing player did not work. Additionally, recruited players were displayed multiple times in the overview and counted towards the maximum received gold limit; these problems have now been solved
  • If you were connected to Facebook but not logged in you could not restart. This has been changed so that you now can enter you password if connected but not logged in to Facebook
  • An error in creating a game report could lead to a problem where the report could not be displayed
  • It was possible for players to receive gold for inviting players more than the maximum of 10 times
  • The in-game gold notification was only sent once per invitation and not for every mentee
  • The Phoenician Trader was sometimes offering the incorrect mythical units
  • Attack planner: the transport capacity research was not considered: the research "berth" was taken from currently selected game town and not from the town in attack planner
  • When banned players wanted to restart the game, the confirmation pop-up was broken
  • In some browsers the popups for the different display modes in the own offers tab were out of place
  • The invite friend collect gold tab did not always refresh: if players collected gold for their invitations the buttons stayed active afterwards;
    An error occurred in the market when players accepted an offer which blocked the window from refreshing
  • The construction of a world wonder was not prevented when another alliance completed it
  • An error occurred when players had their settings window open while they updated their emblem
  • In some cases revolts weren't active anymore when players wanted to take over a town
  • The "Own islands" award is not always awarded when conditions are met: there was an error on worlds with the new command system which didn't recognize the island possession
  • A problem was fixed where players could still send resources to a wonder on an island with a ghost city
  • If destructive powers were cast in the same second, the town suffered from both effects
  • The following daily reward issues have been fixed
  • On the 30th day of continuous login the player was awarded one of three major gifts at random but another was displayed on the screen
  • Daily Reward levels were skipped in some cases
  • Favors were not reset after losing the last city This has now been fixed;
    The description of the bonus for building Temple of Artemis has been improved
  • Published reports on alliance forum now includes info about spells used;
    The game layout was broken when using the InnoGames toolbar on Chrome
  • The settings for publication rights of a battle report are now displayed properly.Previously, if a player had the settings window open for report A and then wanted to update settings for report B, the window was still showing settings for report A.

Hero world bugfixes

There were some players whose favor limit wasn't set to 550 even though they had the award

Mobile related features/changes

  • Implementation of the attack notification icon
  • If a player has an incoming attack, an icon is shown in the header bar indicating the number of towns being attacked
  • In addition, the city image on the start screen is replaced with a blinking attack icon
  • Spells were not shown on attack reports
  • The report now shows the spell cast by the attacker
  • In addition, the effects of defender and attacker are displayed as well
  • Touching the button has no response: the mobile selector buttons were only touchable on the text, now the complete button can be clicked

Mobile related bugfixes

  • Javascript errors have been fixed which prevented a player from seeing the start screen
  • Desire was always shown on an attack for defender: now the correct power icon is shown for the city
  • An incorrect background images has been fixed. Players could call the militia from farm towns: the icon shown was from the militia but it should have been the hoplite
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