Grepolis celebrates Halloween and launches world


Tommorow Monday 29 October 2012 Grepolis will launch World Edessa.

The specs are:

  • Speed: 2
  • Unit speed: 3
  • Morale: Active
  • Alliance Limit: 50
  • Beginners Protection: 7 days
  • Conquest system: Revolt

Also tommorow is the starting date of the 2012 Grepolis Halloween events. The following evets will be available until November 5 2012 and are available for all Grepolis players.


Ingame event: Pumpkin hunt:

To start a "pumpkin hunt" click on a pumpkin in the ocean. Each pumpkin hunt last 60 seconds. During this time you must scroll over the map and collect as many pumpkins as possible.

For each pumpkin you collect in the 60 seconds, you will increase the duration of the special Halloween spell on your current city for one hour. The Halloween spell increases your production of all your resources by 5%.

Please note that you can only collect each pumpkin once. Also you may not conduct a "pumpkin hunt" as long as the Halloween spell is active. A maximum of 10 pumpkins can be collected during each "pumpkin hunt".

Terrifying interface changes!

No you are not seeing ghosts. Some interface elements have been cosmetically changed for the duration of the event, so don't get scared when you first login...(insert another evil laugh).

New Event Achievements:

  • It’s Halloween:

Log into the game during the Halloween event

  • Pumpkin collector:

Collect the pumpkins, there are 4 levels according to the amount of pumpkins found

(Please note, if you achieved these awards last year, you will not be able to achieve them again. The totals will however be added together, if you didn't quite manage all 4 awards last year)

  • Pumpkin hunter:

Find 10 pumpkins in a single "pumpkin hunt".

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