Grepolis - Updates to vesion 2.23


Today May 8, 2012 Grepolis is set to be updated to version 2.23. There may be some downtime during the updates. This new update includes many bugfixes pointed by all the users, as long as many new features and changes, bellow is the changelog list posted in the official Grepolis forum.


  • New invite friend feature: players can now invite their friends via Facebook;
    Improvement of the troops outside overview: possibility to sort commands by "origin town name", "destination town name", "player name" and "troops count" ascending or descending.
  • Improvement of the recruit overview: When submitting new recruitment command:
    - fields corresponding to submitted city will get their values cleared;
    - fields corresponding to other cities will keep their values (if provided previously).
  • Balancing of the Phoenician trader: the trade of resources with the Phoenician trader has been rebalanced. The initial ratio is now 1:0.5 and increase with a range of 0.1 for each trade of resources, up to 1:1. The ratios are reset after a 24h travel time of the Phoenician trader from a town to another town.


  • Newly invited player receives a notification that he was invited to the game. The notification was previously buggy:
    - If the invited player clicked on this notification, the message window opened with an exception because there was no associated message;
    - Icon changed to not open message window. Tool-tip is now only shown upon hover.
  • In the rankings, the endless scrolling was not working correctly after jumping to another page. A second "Go to page" was also not possible. This has now been fixed.
  • The incoming attack counter did not refresh itself after an attacking player restarted his account.
  • In the "own offers" screen of the Marketplace, accept buttons were not working after deleting offers.
  • The pagination system was not working correctly in the Marketplace.
  • In the town overview, some graphics of the divine statue were missing.
  • Another endless scroll issue was occurring in messages and reports lists.
  • The wood production counter wasn't refreshed automatically.
  • On the map, a wrong tool-tip was displayed when over hovering the world wonder spot.
  • The email for account deletion request was stating the world id instead of the world name.
  • There was a visual problem on some reports.
  • Commands information was overlapped in the conquest window.
  • The bottom scrollbar arrow in the culture overview was not clickable.
  • The arrows were not working in the "create offer" tab of the market for selecting the distance time limit.
  • Scrolling awards in player profile was not possible under some circumstances.
  • A layout issue with the preview frame of the profile has been fixed.
  • The layout of most in-game emails have been slightly adjusted:
    - All (except notification emails) should stick to same layout and structure;
    - We now display full link URLs for activation, deletion and other similar actions instead of using linked keywords (like "delete user").

Mobile related:

  • Mobile login will now count towards Daily Login Bonus.
  • Mobile login will now count for activity in alliance.
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