Grepolis - New Update (version 2.26)


The new update of Grepolis is ready to launch!

On Tuesday March 5, 2013 the new update (2.26) will be online to all Grepolis World. This brings the long anticipated sounds on the world of Grepolis, it also contains bugfixes and other minor changes. Read bellow for the full changelong as posted on the official forum.


  • The sounds are now here! We have added different sounds in three categories: background music, sound effects and sound clicks!
  • For iOS users, only simplified background musics have been added due to technical limitations
  • We have implemented a loading on demand system for the sounds, which means that only players who activated the sounds will load files
  • Several improvements to the quests have been made:
  • The active quest (with displayed arrows / helpers) now has a "glowing frame" for easier recognition
  • It's now possible to abort a non-satisfied quest
  • Added a quests progress bar
  • Added a "fancy" animation after finishing the quest (in most cases - after collecting the quest reward)
  • Added a new friend invite quest
  • Research description for "Conquest" with the Revolt command system has been changed
  • Slider changes are animated now, selecting a value by clicking on it has been improved
  • Players don't get reports any more if they unassign or delete their own reservations
  • Added opt out for emails "Your city misses you". Also added a couple of email switches in the global settings
  • Changed the Facebook Connect behavior on logout/login of the game. User will not be logged out from Facebook anymore, but have to do one click more to get logged in with Facebook
  • "All construction orders..." notification can now be turned off even if player has no Administrator enabled
  • Notifications are now always displayed on top of windows
  • A click on the Attack Planner notification will open the Attack Planner window with highlighted attack on the list
  • The font size of unit numbers is now decreased in case the number is bigger than the image


  • An incorrect transport capacity was displayed when sending units to a city on the same island: returning units within the same island did not return in one command
  • When "Wedding" was cast on a city on same island, 2000+ each resource was lost in some cases
  • The reservation icon in the Attack window has been fixed
  • Town god was shown in simulator when inserting values from spy report
  • The limit of the towns with the same name in the dropdown in Attack Planner has been increased from 9 to 30
  • The state of the button "Units in planned attacks" in Attack Planner was wrong
  • Moving a message did not work after sending a message in following cases:
  • Players trying to reply to a message and wanted to move it afterwards
  • Players trying to forward a message and wanted to move it afterwards
  • Players were not able to delete a plan after sharing it
  • Fixed some problems with the colors on the map in some rare cases
  • When two accounts were played over the same computer/browser, they used the same colors
  • When using different browsers with one account sometimes the colors were not loaded properly
  • Arrows / helpers are now pointing to appropriate building extension button in the senate even if one can not yet build this building
  • Favor bar could under some circumstances exceed its limit (this was just a display bug)
  • Fixed some localization problems
  • When changing god, the farm space used by mythical units was not set back
  • Wrong description in report for resurrection spell: if no units could be resurrected the text now says it instead of showing 0 units



  • Support report was not showing troops
  • Reports in forum and message were broken

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