Grepolis - New Update ( Version 2.34)


This Thuesday January 15 2013, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.34.

This new update brings numerous improvements to the game and also fixes several known bugs, bellow you can read the full changelog.


  • Reservation tool: added a tooltip on "accept share invitation" check-box
    - tooltip added
    - grey out check-boxes added for incoming requests showing the partner permissions
  • Reservation tool: improvement of the settings window when the player is not admin:
    - hide invite pacts
    - hide remove share
    - disable check boxes and text fields
  • Added new quests
  • Quest system adjustments:
    - Runtime for attacking the second farm village is now 10 seconds only in both the outgoing and return trip
    - Adjusted positioning of the yellow arrow in the bubble menu during first farm quest
    - Changed the task of the first senate quest ("Build faster") from "senate lvl 2" to "senate lvl 3"
    - Changed text, task and reward of quest "Ambassadors of the Gods"
    - Change yellow arrows and way to cast the first spell in quest "The Power of the Gods"
    - Fixed the trigger of the "Become a member of an alliance" quest
    - Reduced amount of resources for building warehouse level 2
    - Reduced the building time for warehouse level 2 from 120 to 25 seconds
  • Added a logout tooltip on the logout button
  • Added a confirmation window when a player tries to cast a negative spell on his own town
  • Added a key shortcut: Ctrl + Space now opens the city overview
  • The premium button now opens the "Use" tab instead of "Buy"


  • Leader reservations were not deletable
    - it was not possible for a player to remove himself from an assigned reservation
    - "remove reservation" was also shown, when it was not possible to remove a reservation
    - NOW admins can delete reservations and unassign players from reservations
    - NOW players can delete reservations created by themselves and remove themself from admin assigned reservations
  • Fixed a display issue with the Wonders ranking
  • Players were not able to extend their spells from the right spells list anymore
  • Wrong message was displayed when trying to cancel a demolish action
  • Incoming resources weren't shown in trade window
  • In the trade overview, the amount of resources after trade was negative
  • The selected direction when starting a new game was not always correct
  • Using a power from the advent calendar on a town with the power already running was increasing the runtime of the running power
  • Olympic games in premium overview were starting without displaying a confirmation window
  • The "town building" specific window could switch to barracks / harbor / change its tab when opening a special other windows or when changing towns
  • Some BBCode images were not placed correctly
  • It was possible to plan attacks from the target town in the Attack Planner
  • The multiplier number was cut in the Market, create an offer tab
  • In the troop overview, there was a js error when recruiting units
  • When a city group was selected and the curator expires, the player couldn't display all his towns on the attack planner
  • The "found city" window has been enlarged
  • Missing information in the admin name column in the "new reservations" tab of the reservation tool
  • The close-all button while welcome screen is shown is now hidden
  • Moving reports to another folder internally changes the selected folder which resulted in a display issue
  • The first tab in alliance forum was sometimes missing
  • Fixed an issue with the reward for "Email confirmation" quest
  • Wrong display of the yellow arrow in the spells window for "The Power of the Gods" quest
  • Troops were able to be recalled when the city is being captured
  • Sea storm couldn't be cast on attack commands
  • There was no red background for expansion inability in the building overview
  • There was an incorrect message when activating a premium feature

Mobile Features/Changes

Player, alliance and town names are now click-able in:

  • in fight reports (town icon)
  • in messages (player name)
  • in foreign towns (player name)

iOS Features/Changes

  • Drag and drop functionality have been improved
  • Windows now pop-up centred on the screen when users open them, to keep the menu visible
  • In the culture overview, it is now possible to see how many festivals have been started
  • Created a new style for dropdown menus

iOS Bugfixes

  • Reports were neither click-able nor scrollable
  • In the attack planner, it was only possible to scroll on some specific area
  • Some click events triggered an automatic second click
  • The numeric keyboard is now default keyboard for all text fields
  • Needed transport ships were not always updated when using the "Select all units" button.
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