Grepolis - New update (version 2.37)


Today Tuesday 26 March 2013, Grepolis got updated to version 2.37. Apart from the bug fixes, this new update features new additions and game enhancements. Here follows the official update as posted on the game forum.


  • Added an inventory to the game (icon available at the top of the screen, next to the trade movements): in the inventory, you can store the rewards you get in the game (for example: from events like Easter), in order to use them whenever you want. A click on an item will give you the possibility either to use the item or to delete it. Most of the rewards affect the current selected city so make sure that your current selected city is correct!
  • Added a new premium feature to the game: the building cost reduction: players can expand their building level with 25% resources discount for some gold
  • We have disabled the chrome's default "translate this page" toolbar on our game pages. Players can still translate the game by manually forcing chrome to do so
  • Many community requests have been implemented into the game:
  • Added a research completion time tooltip in the academy
  • Added a favor completion time tooltip in the temple
  • Added a confirmation window when the player clicks on a notification that opens messages while writing a message
  • Added auto completion fields to player and alliance BBCodes
  • Added the player name next to the town name in Agora defense tab
  • Added search fields in the player/alliance sea rankings
  • Added ocean coordinates for each town in the player profile.


  • Only non-flying units will return in a second command, if the first one has not enough ship-capacity
  • The egg count of the chicken coop and Easter shop pages do not differ anymore (relevant for beta only)
  • The missing invitation spots directly after loading the game are displayed now
  • Completed unit orders were not deleted correctly from the frontend. Several changes to the backend were made to fix it
  • Message and alliance forum post counts were not updated correctly
  • No notification about a new post in the alliance forum is displayed anymore if a message is received
  • The message count of the menu bar is updated correctly if the message is read
  • The search in the command overview is reset successfully if the overview is reopened
  • Tool tip in fight report is changed to a more general text
  • The string for founding a city is now adjusted by a time variable
  • Eggs and gold refresh after item purchase (relevant for beta only)
  • Catapults can decrease wall level by exactly one when Trojan defense is active
  • Fixed units in resurrection report
  • Fixed quest helpers (arrows, highlight) for IE8
  • Multiple quest helpers (arrows, highlight) adjustments for tutorial quests have been made
  • Sounds now running as a sound sprites, which fix the problem of limited number of players in IE
  • The create new reservation button was broken
  • added an info message when player does not have any units in Attack Planner
  • A small display issue with the chat has been fixed
  • Gold icon for unit build time reduction in Mass recruit was missing
  • Added handling situation when user opened units beyond window and units amount have changed meanwhile
  • Unit tooltips were missing in Harbors and Barracks
  • In the old conquer system: there was a problem in the presentation of five-digit numbers
  • Tab in barracks was gone after using build time reduction
  • Amount of units that could be built was calculated wrongly in new barracks
  • Reservation tool isn't working for some player: if you specify a two high amount of max days until it expires, you'll get a database error because the expire date is over the limit. We limit this now to 30 days
  • In the old conquer system, it was possible to activate a conquest without winning the sea fight
  • The premium confirmation was poping-up in Barracks (buy commander), even when the confirmation message was disabled
  • Player and alliance BBCodes were not consistent in terms of case sensitivity
  • In the culture overview, when starting all culture events they were always called "festivals"
  • In curators overview, the mythical units of Artemis were displayed even on worlds were Artemis was disabled
  • It was not possible to delete a plan after sharing it in the attack planner
  • Search function in alliance forum was not working in tabs shared from another alliance
  • It was possible to farm your farm villages even if your city was currently being conquered
  • There were no reports sent to the players after buying gold / premium anymore
  • The icon which inform players about massive message was missing
  • In the recruitment list/overview (of a town) you could only cancel the last order
  • Counter of Watery Grave wasn't working correctly
  • Divine envoy were disappearing when switching gods
  • Units were still displayed in docks and barracks, even after being destroyed
  • Special characters arouse error message "Invalid Response"
  • In the farming villages overview: bonus of merchant's shop was not displayed
  • Fixed the positions of farming villages which were misaligned and not on an island
  • Fixed some wrong translations.


Troop movements are now displayed correctly again


Some players were not able to select a town from the towns list

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