Goodgame Big Farm - Update and Easter event

Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame has informed us that Big Farm will recieve a new update that is going to be released on March 5 2013 and also gave us the details of the Big Farm Easter event.

Here is the official announcement:

This tuesday's update is not going to be a big show, since a lot of stuff will happen 'behind the scenes' this time.
We work on bugfixing and optimizations for existing stuff, and we will prepare the game for this year's Easter event!

- Big Farm Easter!

This year's Easter event will be somewhat similar to the bee event. Prepare for Farmer George and his jalopy, a lot of colorful easter eggs and days of egg hunting! And, of course, an all-new, exclusive reward you can only get for completing this event. Important: The event won't start at the same time the update goes live, but will be activated later on.

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