Goodgame Big Farm - Additions and improvements

Goodgame Big Farm

This Monday 25 of March, Goodgame Big Farm is going to add some new features for all new players. These new features will improve the way workers act and will change the farms production. Bellow you can read the official announcement:


Your workers now will cause more action on your farm! Every now and then, one of your workers will have a little icon appearing over his head, over which you should hover with your mouse. If you're successful (the icon only stays for so long), you will be awarded with a little present, and with that you start a chain reaction, which will reward you with even better small gifts every time you "hit" a worker. If you manage to hover over five workers in a row without missing, there will be another little reward for you! What exactly this is? You'll see!

- New players event: Lost Cargo

A plane is losing its cargo, and on top of that it's flying directly over your farm! Open up the crates and their content is yours!

This feature is created for new players with low levels and will only appear for these players.
One after another, crates will fall from the sky. A new one appears only if you opened up the previous one, and the needed level is reached.
There are standard crates and jammed, closed crates, and you will need a crowbar to open the latter, which you can buy for gold. Standard crates can be opened without the crowbar.

- Production

On the main farm, the "go-to" button has been added to various windows, as known from the Gourmet Farm. It will always show you where to find ingredients you might need for production.

- Bugs

With a bit of luck, the tutorial should no longer stop due to a game error (phew!)
A bug with the happiness bar from our last update should also be fixed
More optimizations for game performance! A bug that caused your computer's memory to fill quickly over time and thus slowing down the game until you re-logged should be fixed. We're also still working on the loading times between changing farms.
Members who leave a cooperative will no longer be shown on the member list afterwards
Missing tooltips from the bakery are now visible. Other tooltips, for example the cherry orchard's, have been fixed, too.
Many more little display-, text- and other bugs have been taken care of.

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