Get two free items in Rappelz


Rappelz just released a coupon, which you can use until the end of the month to receive two free items; the Wild Outlaw's Hat, and the Rest Tent. To find out how, read the following announcement:

During the month of May, we would like to grant you the ability to dream. That's right, to dream. We all have seen some really epic movies including sand, stone, horses, one-street cities and shattering bottles while bullets are fired from every corner.

Just dream a bit of how you would fair in a cowboy scene. Would you be the hero? We sure hope so!

In this coupon, you will get the following items:

  • Wild Outlaw's Hat (28 days) to roleplay your preferred heroes
  • Rest Tent (7 days) to dream about your adventures in the wild west


How to get it, you ask? No worries, it's easy as pie!

  • Keep the following code at hand: [RQED-FBPU-BR00-0001]
  • Click on the Fill Up link on once connected
  • Select gPotato Coupon Enter the coupon code...
  • Voilà! Your items will wait in your Item Shop inventory.

The coupon is valid only until May 2013 31st, so be sure to redeem it like RIGHT NOW!

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