Farmerama hosts Socceritis event


Like other games lately, Farmerama will host a football (or Soccer for our US friends) event that will be active at the same time as Euro 2012. The event will be broken down in 3 parts. The first part starts today (8th of June) at 16:30 CEST and ends on the 13th of June, at the same time (16:30 CEST). Read the following announcement to learn more about the event:

"He shoots, he scores!!!!! FARMERAMA has a serious case of socceritis!

Howdy Farmers, FARMERAMA will be hosting the match of the year with the Looney Tunes™. Lots of action and prizes are here for the taking during three part soccer event.

Part I: June 8th – 13th

The brutish boars of “Borsty’s Soccer Thugs” have challenged the famed Looney Tunes™ gang to a soccer tournament. Before that can happen, however, the Looney Tunes™ have to hit the practice field to have a chance at defeating Borsty’s brutes. They need our help to get in shape. Bring them sorghum to pump them up and jerseys to play the part!

Part II: June 13th – 18th

Time is money! Droves of fans are chomping at the bit. Plant the perfect soccer turf on your dusty fields and construct an immaculate stadium out of bamboo to give all the fans the show they came to see. Don’t let the pressure get to you! You have until kickoff to get everything in order.

Part III: June 18th – 25th

The match can begin! Daffy Duck just can’t help himself. That devious duck has played yet another dirty trick by messing with the scoreboard! Borsty and his thugs are now leading 4-0! All hope isn’t lost yet though. If everyone on the farm works together, the Looney Tunes™ can come back to win the cup! Team spirit is the name of the game!!! Look forward to lots of sporting awards and an exciting sports spectacular in FARMERAMA!"

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