Drakensang Online releases R044 update

Drakensang Online

Release 044 is ushering in a skills renaissance in Drakensang Online – there will be two new skills available for each archetype. There will also be a new quest in the Norselands and jewels can be improved using the work bench from this point on.

What Is New:

New skills have been unlocked for the heroes of Duria. Each class of characters will receive two new skills, one at level 18 and one at level 30.
The Dragonknight will receive the “Iron Brow” skill at level 18 and the “Ground Breaker” skill at level 30
The Spellweaver will receive the “Chain of Lightning“ skill at level 18 and the “Frost Wind” skill at level 30. Also, beginning at level 1, the “Lightning Shot” skill will be replaced with the “Magic Missile” skill.
The Ranger will receive the “Bird of Prey” skill at level 18 and the “Adrenaline” skill at level 30.
The order of the tasks for “The Ice God’s children” quest has been revised. A new quest, “The Weapons of the Trolls,” will start after the first and second parts have been completed parallel to each other (at the same time?). The quest keeper is Vidunn the hunter in Hognis Mine.
You can now use the work bench to improve jewels. You can, for instance, use four jewels of the same variety and quality to create a jewel of the same variety of a higher quality (as long as a higher quality can be achieved).
Darbmoor has been completely revised.
The inventory has been divided into more levels and can, therefore, be expanded more. The price has been adapted accordingly, as well. For instance, the first few levels are now available for considerably lower prices.
The order of tasks in the Wildherz cave quest has been optimized by moving the petroglyph images, which are now located closer to the entrance of the cave.
A few of the more unique objects can now be found earlier on in the game and at more appropriate times, in terms of your progress in a level.
All of the monsters in the entire game now retreat less quickly from battle.

Selected bug fixes:

The evil miller in the “Other flour” quest has been re-balanced and now has a more customized appearance.
In the Iron Forest, the quest boss Gullov has been rebalanced in the second part of “The Ice God’s children” quest.
In the fifth part of the “Deadly Screams” quest, the village inhabitants will now give the ingredients for the ritual to the player.
The wolves in the Eternal Watch will whip up the snow gnomes again.
In the window mode of the game, the name of the resistance command center travel ration and the Andermant price will no longer overlap.
The “@” symbol can now be used correctly while chatting.
At the beginning of the game, players will now be able to find many pieces of armor earlier than they would usually be able to. The minimum requirements needed to obtain the objects, however, remain unchanged.
When playing “Capture the Flag,” the screen of the actual victors will be displayed if a group forfeits the competition.
When using the work bench to create a new object, four spaces in your inventory will open up so that the new object can be immediately incorporated into a full inventory.
The Ranger’s belt and talisman are no longer both referred to as “leather band,” so that it is easier to distinguish between the two.
The issue that was preventing players from receiving their daily login bonus has been repaired.
The daily login bonus now has a more easily identifiable icon.
Level 1 players will no longer receive empty surprise chests as their daily login bonus.


It will not always be the case that each archetype can only receive two new skills.

From now until the beginning of April, we will increase the number of skills per archetype up to 12. By the end of April, we will have fleshed out the skill system into a talent tree. In the up-coming weeks, there will be many new things to try out and discover. And the summer is basically just around the corner, when you can expect a huge land update and a new, fourth archetype.

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