Drakensang Online released Patch R085

Drakensang Online

After a short downtime, the new patch (R085) was implemented on the worlds of Drakensang Online, bellow you can read the changelog.

Important changes

  • At the start of an Arena battle you are brought into a waiting room with the other members of your team; you are teleported automatically into the arena once all participants are ready.
  • Two new icons have been installed to show the impact of the auras for towers in the "Storm the Fortress" arena battle.
  • The colors of the player names in chat are now uniform.


  • The Ignore function now works as intended.
  • A potential exploit in the "Storm the Fortress" arena battle has been eliminated.
  • Automatic re-registration for an arena battle once again possible.
  • Chat messages are now also sent even if Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Enter are pressed instead of just Enter.
  • A depiction error in spectral torso armor has been eliminated.
  • Unique Level 30 shoulder armor can now also be repainted.
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