Drakensang Online is updated

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is just updated to version 088, Heroes of Duria. Read the following announcement for all the details of the update:

New features

Inactivity check in arena battles: The game checks if players in arena battles are really active or if they are only there to collect honor without having to do anything. If the game detects inactivity, a warning will be sent out. If the player continues to stay inactive, he/she will automatically be disqualified from the battle without any reward (honor points/badges of honor) after a short waiting period.

Redesign of the start into the game: Upon creating an account, a few players will be randomly selected to start out the game in a new, alternative area other than the Pilgrim’s Path.

Important changes

Bonuses given for damaging players in battle (e.g. the “Battle Instinct” talent) now correctly increase the damage of secondary effects such as “Bleed” and “Burn”.The results of “Storm the Fortress “ battles are now listed in the character window. This also applies to battles which have already been fought.

Important bug-fixes

  • The spot in the duel arena where melee fighters could not cause any damage to theiropponents has now been blocked in order to stop this exploit.
  • The Spellweaver skill “Singularity” now works properly.
  • The navigation in Mystra and in the Ocean of Bones has been improved.
  • The coral for Mister Query‘s Quest “To the rescue” can now be collected more easily.
  • The error which sometimes prevented the respawning window from being shown, when players’ characters were killed and there was a brief connection loss to the server, should no longer occur.
  • The markings under monsters in some areas were adapted to match their actual strengths.
  • Feedback about your own kills is now shown in arena battles.

Known issues

New alternative start level: French and English localization isn't complete, French texts are shown in English, one monster type is shown in German. This occurs only in the new start level.

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