Drakensang Online has released Patch Ro55

Drakensang Online

Today Thuesday 29 May, 2012 Drakensang Online has released patch Ro55. This new update brings some pleasant surprices to all the players who've reached level 40. Also many changes on the PvP system and heroes talents were implemented.

Here you can find the official anouncement of the Drakensang Online team.

Ammon’s Call

Hark, heroes! The depths of Grimmagstone are beckoning! Ammon the Wanderer of Worlds will be leading you through the new challenges that await in parallel world mode of DSO. This will replace the extremely difficult dungeons with new, challenging group quests for all players who’ve reached at least level 40. In addition to honor, you can win the first pieces of new set-items in these quests.

New Features

  • New parallel world mode
  • Grimmagstone the parallel world is available right away for level 40 (and up) players. New series of quests from Ammon the Wanderer of Worlds, beginning in the parallel world of Grimmagstone
  • By completing this series of quests, you can unlock other parallel worlds like, Hagastove Grotto, followed by the Catacombs and the Crypts of the Kings of Kingshill, as well
  • Ammon will reward you with new level 40 armor sets. Complete them and receive set bonuses!
  • More parallel worlds and sets to come!
  • The parallel worlds will replace the current “hard“ difficulty setting for the dungeons


  • PvP competitions are now known as battles
  • The range of the Dragonknight’s “mighty wild swing” maneuver has been reduced from 4.5 to 3.5 meters
  • The healing powers of the “rush of blood” talent has been reduced from 25% to 10%
  • Known Issues und Last Minute Fixes
  • We are working on improving PvP mode and balancing talents

Known Issues

The travelling destination to the parallel world dungeon can only be used on the world map when you change the map after unlocking that feature via the quest
The NPC symbol of Ammon (the questgiver) is shown as being too low and is obscured by the NPC

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