Drakensang Online - Update R098

Drakensang Online

A new update has become online on the world of Drakensang Online, you can read the details and the changes from the official changelog that follows.

Important announcements:

The security certificate for the Drakensang Online client has been renewed. This a routine procedure which usually occurs every two to three years:

Upon starting the game in the browser, a request to accept the Java plug-in will appear. By clicking the field “Always trust the content from this publisher“, you can automatically accept this request during the certificate’s term of validity, so that this request is hidden and does not appear all the time in the future. This permanent confirmation applies solely to the Drakensang Online Java Applet and not for other Applets from other publishers.

Users of the thin client will receive a notification to update their thin client upon starting it. Upon installing updates, the security certificate is automatically renewed. Should there be any problems with the automatic update, manually deinstalling and then reinstalling the current thin client will help: (http://www.drakensang.com/community#download]).

Important changes:

The mini-maps now work once again as they did before in the arena battles.

Selected bug-fixes:

  • The possibility to exploit the “Herald of the Underworld“ was removed.
  • The possibility to exploit an opponent in “Rapid death“ was removed.
  • The flickering of opponents on the screen border was reduced. It should now be easier to target objects which was made difficult through the flickering.
  • The error which caused companions to appear and disappear was fixed.

Known Issues


The game will crash if you try to equip a two-hand item from the bank inventory while your inventory is full and you already have an off-hand and a one hand item equipped.
You cannot drag the essence out of your ammunition slot. Drag the essence into the inventory to clear the ammunition slot.


Sometimes monsters are invisible but are selectable and have a collide.

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