Drakensang Online - New Patch (version 092)

Drakensang Online

The version of your favorite RPG, Drakensang Online is now available on the servers. You can read the changelog, as posted on the official forums, bellow.

Ranked “3 versus 3” PvP

Release 92 features the introduction of ranked “Team death match” battles between Warrior Groups.
Games among Warrior Groups are considered the ultimate of all battles. Together with your friends in fixed teams, you can compete for the top spot in the new Warrior Group ranking. Pick a name for your Warrior Group and make your opponents fear it. Only the best can survive here!
Each and every one of you can only join one Warrior Group – so take heed while choosing your partners! Every team is only strong as the sum of its members: If a player leaves a Warrior Group, the group will dissolve!
Find players to fight on your side, train together, and become the best Warrior Group of Dracania! Only then will you stand a chance of taking home first prize in the upcoming battle of the blades!
Of course, there’s much more that’s been done. Check out the latest optimizations and bug-fixes below:

New features

Ranked “Team death match” battles (3v3)
By clicking the “Found Warrior Group” button, you can assemble your own group of warriors. This button can be found in the battle registration area in the new sub-menu.
After founding a group, you can invite players from your buddy list to join your team.
Every player can only be in one Warrior Group.
As soon as your team is complete, you can register for combined, ranked battles.
If a player leaves your team, the Warrior Group will be dissolved due to the fact that your score is only valid for the entire team in its original constellation.
Every Warrior Group has its own battle score which determines its position in the ranking. In addition, there is a contingent of bonus points which reward your Warrior Group for its activity.
The scores are described in battles seasons. Winners are determined at the end of the season. Afterwards the games start all over again.

Important changes

Gameplay improvements
All projectiles launched by players now fly at the same height. Thanks to this change, you can now shoot all projectiles past small obstacles. Projectiles from monsters were also modified in the course of this revision.
For all skills which create a surface effect, the chances of you hitting enemies on stairs, raised surfaces or slopes is much higher. In addition, enemies who are hidden behind some kind of obstacle, but are in the blast radius, should also be hit more reliably.
If you select an enemy using the skills Teleport, Dive, Blade Dance, Rage Jump or Rush Attack, you won’t land directly on an enemy anymore, but, if possible, in a spot directly beside an enemy.
Based on your feedback, the “camera shake” effect for the Dragonknight skill Rageful Swing has been toned down considerably.
The effect of the Spellweaver talent Destruction was redone.
The effect of the Dragonknight talent Fanaticism was redone.
Dungeons instances are now saved to the group of players entering them. This means that monsters will not respawn, if someone else from the group reenters the dungeon. You now need to wait 3-4 minutes until the monsters are back or completely disband the group and form a new group to enter the dungeon.

Important bug-fixes

An error which put team members in different dungeon instances has been corrected.
Game controls now run smoothly in window mode: keyboard problems with this mode were corrected.
If you want to trade with the Master of Battles Archos Andronikos in Ellonidos, he now makes correct offers.
The color of non-identifiable items is now properly displayed in relation to the required level in the tooltip.
A minimum waiting period now applies to the beginning of every battle round so that every player has a brief moment to prepare for his/her opponent. Furthermore, the status messages at the beginning of the game no longer cover up the start screen. They are now part of the start screen instead.
The defective characters shown in the battle invitation window have been removed.
The spectator mode controls are now hidden as long you are looking at the current battle score on the score screen.
The tooltip for the PvP ranking now has a description.
In 4:3 resolution, the ranking’s interface no longer extends beyond the edge of the screen.
The matchmaking system has been further improved. Various minor errors which could lead to unfair battles were rectified.

Known issues

Monsters are spawning/floating through maps. We currently are on fixing this issue as soon as possible.
Unfortunately all hard mode bosses are gone. Normal bosses and parallel world bosses still work as usual. If you enter a dungeon to fight a hard mode boss, you will automatically land in a normal version of the dungeon.
Summoned minions (Watchmen, Wolves) costs essences but without effect to the damage output.
Surprise boxes do not contain potions of concentration at the moment.
PVP Season:
The buttons in the warrior group window have no tool tips yet.
In the warrior group window the button for joining a warrior group battle is active even the season is currently off.
In some languages description texts for the season are not localized yet.
Pets may be slowed after map changes.

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