Dragonica Online - The Armageddon is here!

Dragonica Online

The Dragonica Online mod teams wants you to be prepared for the final battle of the Armageddon, so they have made all the ultimate bundle available to purchase in the Dragonica's shop once again. The Armageddon bundles accompanied by the Tactical Angels will help you with levelling and team play.

Armageddon Bundle

  • 150x Regular Insurance Scroll
  • 50x Advanced Insurance Scroll
  • 3x Special Enchant Rune Stone FREE!
  • 3x Artifact Enchant Rune Stone FREE!

Save 40% and get 6 Enchant Rune Stones completely FREE!

Little Armageddon Bundle

  • 10x Regular Insurance Scroll
  • 5x Advanced Insurance Scroll
  • 1x Special Enchant Rune Stone FREE!
  • 1x Artifact Enchant Rune Stone FREE!

This bundle is a lighter version of it's bigger brother, but still includes all important Enchant and SoulCraft Rune Stones with a 15% saving!

Tactical Angels Bundle

  • 6x Jack's Bean
  • 6x Angel's Feather
  • 6x F7 Game Coin
  • 6x Tactical Defence Mode Point Copier
  • 6x Tactical Fatigue Recovery Potion
  • 1x HP Eternity Potion
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