Dragonica Online - St. Patrick's Day celebrations

Dragonica Online

Celebrate the one day of the year where everyone’s Irish!

Some good old Irish luck is coming to Dragotaka this weekend, with 20% extra EXP and Gold all weekend and great celebratory items on the Shop no one is going to be missing out on the fun. Login to Dragonica now and check out the special St. Patrick's item's in the Shop, available for a limited time only. The Drakan versions of these items will be available next week!

20% Extra EXP and Gold All Weekend!

Starts Saturday March, 17,2012 at 10:00 and ends Monday March 19, 2012 at 23:59 GMT!

Updates - Lucky Dips

  • Golden Treasure Lucky Dip
  • Try this Lucky Dip and see if you find 10,000 gold inside!
  • You can also win a lot of useful items for F7 or Production!

If you're lucky and find a Golden Treasure Scroll inside you should contact a GM via a ticket with the Scroll in your inventory.

Updates - Event Items

  • St.Patrick's Day Balloon
  • St.Patrick's Day themed balloon
  • Increases movement speed by 3%
  • Cannot be mailed
  • Cannot be sold on market
  • Cannot be traded

St.Patrick's Day Hat

  • St.Patrick's Day themed hat
  • Cannot be mailed
  • Cannot be traded
  • Cannot be sold on market

Removed Items:

  • Monster Radar Bulk Sales Offer
  • Famous Merchant Bundle
  • The Handy Bundle (30 Days)

Check out the Dragonica Online shop functional item list for more information.

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