Details about version 2.03 of The West

The West

The West is going to be updated to version 2.03 sometime next week. Read the following list for more details:

Features and Improvements:

  • Chat stability improvements (Less disconnecting).
  • Chat tabs can now be dragged out to create new chat windows.
  • Absent status on chat is shown after being inactive in the game for 5 minutes.
  • Chat sound brought back when being whispered by another player.
  • A Flood protection has been implemented.
  • Chat auto scrolling optimized.
  • If you closed the chat for a while you couldn't see that a player still whispers you.
  • Chat shows when contacts go offline in whispers (Only for friends and town/alliance members).
  • Private chats could not be reported.
  • Scrollbar added to chat friends list.
  • Markers options for the minimap now available.
  • Markers are displayed on the map and on the minimap
  • There is a button on the minimap that activates the marker placing mode.
  • After placing a marker on the map a popup appears that lets you save and name this marker.
  • Marker BB codes gives the possibility to share markers with other players.
  • All names of markers are shown on a list on the minimap.
  • Market: "Fetch all" from current market implemented.
  • The layout of the "No town screen" has been improved.
  • "Plus" button in the avatar picture on the top left now appears when new skill points are available. The "Plus" disappears after clicking on it.
  • Small adjustments made on the presentation of the 'Browsergame of the year' awards on the homepage.
  • Animated 2.0 mark added to The West logo on the homepage.
  • A email validation warning is shown on the interface when the email address has not been validated yet.
  • Tutorial arrows are now shown without a delay.
  • Tutorial arrows are now attached to specific game windows, not to positions on the screen.
  • Tutorial arrow is now more prominent.
  • Silver and gold job markings on the map are now deactivated while the tutorial is active.
  • Improved Email validation handling, after you click on validation link.
  • Trollface easteregg in the middle of the map has been removed.


  • Collector's belt now glow.
  • Scrolling problems in the town forum after page switch has been fixed.
  • No tooltip of kO'ed players in a fort battle report.
  • Pilgrim set bonus display error fixed.
  • Bug that allowed to request information about health, energy and cash via the chat server has been fixed.
  • Problems with page switching in player dueling window has been fixed.
  • Fort battle ranks on the chat are now correctly displayed.
  • Missing cooldown timer if you use a second consumable after the first cooldown is gone.
  • Tooltip showed wrong amount of existing/needed materials in the fort construction window - Fixed.
  • Some players weren't shown in the "player" tab of the duelling screen - Fixed.
  • Alliance forts were marked as foreign forts on the minimap (Own fort: You are member (including founder),
  • Allied fort: Any town within that fort is in the same alliance as you).
  • Auto-insert if the minimum number in the value field at the traders and fort storage.
  • Achievement 2040 - Construction fool description adjusted.
  • Nicknames of players who left the town were not shown correctly in the town forum - Fixed.
  • Image for 'A holiday spook' achievement was missing - Added.
  • Sulfuric rock removed from the 'bag with a rare product'.
  • Scrolling problems on the personal profile fixed.
  • Problems with quest buttons (if button text is too long).
  • Several problems with missing translations fixed.
  • Reloading of the game after tab switching is fixed.
  • Problems with too long "topic" on chat fixed.
  • The " ' " created problems in chat topics.

What will probably make it in 2.03 too:

  • Changes were made to the Job progress bar according to public feedback.
  • 'Job finished' animation over character on the map.
  • Quest tracker in the interface.
  • More bugfixes.
  • Friendship point reward system changes.
  • Valentines event upgrade (Cupid's set).
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