Details about Aion's 3.9 update


The upcoming update 3.9 of Aion is finally here, and includes several changes such as a begginer's server, an integrated instance server, a new instance, an additional storage cube, and an enhanced veteran reward system (the maximum level is increased to 40 from 28).

There is a poster the Aion team created which summarises most of the changes, and can be found here. For the complete announcement, read below:

Beginner's Server

The Beginner's Server is accessible for Daevas of all servers and allows for uninterrupted PVE adventures - without attacks on other players. Returning to your home server is possible at any time. In future, skilled fighters will be rewarded for their bravery with a danger bonus: if you play on the normal servers, you will receive an EP boost of 10% as well as a drop rate boost of 5%.

The following rules apply on the Beginner's Server:

  • A character can reach a maximum level of 55.
  • Trade is not possible amongst players.
  • A private shop cannot be opened.
  • At the Trade Broker's, only auctions from the home server are displayed.
  • Sending letters with attachments is not possible.
  • No rifts leading into other areas exist.
  • Strongholds cannot be captured and are permanently owned by the Balaur.

Integrated instance server

Using this function you can face instances together with other players from other servers. As payment, you can receive more experience points and a higher chance of defeated opponents dropping items.

When entering an alliance instance (+12 players) via the "Integrated Instance Server", all fellow combatants will be bestowed with the "Victory's Pledge" buff, which temporarily increases Attack Power, HP, Magic and Healing Power.

The integrated instance server is only available for the following instances:

  • Group instances: Nochsana Training Camp, Fire Temple, Dark Poeta, Theobomos Lab, Adma Stronghold, Draupnir Cave, Steel Rake, Udas Temple, Lower Udas Temple
  • Dredgions: Dredgion, Chantra Dredgion, Terath Dredgion
  • Crucibles: Empyrean Crucible, Arena of Discipline, Arena of Glory, Arena of Chaos, Arena of Cooperation

New instance

In the Silentera Canyon, a secret hideout of the Balaur has been discovered: the Corridor of Betrayal. Enter this new instance with five companions from level 55 and seize your enemies' treasures!

Additional storage cube

Finally, more space in your inventory: quest items, coins, insignias and tickets will be automatically stored in a separate storage cube in future. You can open it via an icon in the lower part of your inventory.

Enhancement of Veteran rewards

For the release of 3.9 we have enhanced the Veteran reward system. Up until now, the maximum level was at 28, now we have increased it to 40. By activating a Gold Pack, you increase by one level and receive valuable items for your loyalty.

You can find an exact overview of the individual levels and the rewards associated with them in the AION Shop.

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