Cultures Online - Norn’s Anagram Event

Cultures Online

Starting Thuesday January 15 2013, and until Wednesday January 16 2013, Norn’s Anagram event will be online on the world of Cultures Online. Bellow you can read the announce,ment as posted on the official forum.

Norn’s Anagram Event rules

  • we will post a Norn’s anagram in the forum and the first one posting the correct answer will win
  • the number of words in the anagram correlates to the number of words in the correct answer
  • your post should include the answer as well as your hero’s name and your server
  • private messages and edited posts will not be taken into account
  • there is only one correct answer that needs to be written in capital letters, even if the anagram allows multiple solutions
  • if there is more than one correct posted answer, only the first one will be rewarded
  • every player can only win once
  • every winner will be rewarded with 30 runes
  • please also notice our Event and Competition Terms and Conditions
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