Big Farm update is coming on Monday

Goodgame Big Farm

Big Farm is going to receive a new update on Monday, 4th of February, 2013. A few details for it were announced yesterday:


Say "hi" to our brand new background music! Also, some new sound effects were added. We hope you like it, personally we think it's very relaxing and fitting to the game.

Rework of the 'Bee Event'

The entertaining event, which made you help Eva Apple finding her missing bees, has been reworked completely as far as programming goes, and should now be working as we intended it to be. So keep your eyes open as soon as you see Eva's old VW Beetle :)


The pricing for the collectible items was reworked. In higher levels they should be way easier to acquire now, if bought instantly.


  • An error which caused workers to not start working is fixed;
  • many accounts having a problem with the new cherry orchard should be fixed now;
  • as usual, lots of little bugs should be fixed.
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