Big Farm introduces the Gourmet-Farm

Goodgame Big Farm

The next game update is ready, as anounced by Goodgame Big Farm's staff, and will be online on February 20 with a new farm, various bug fixes and the following buildings:

  • Small stately house: The new smaller stately house is your home on the new farm
  • Almond Plantation: Here you can produce almonds, twigs and leaves. The plantation needs Fertilizer.
  • Garden: With the big new garden, you now have the drive to harvest vegetables, sugar beets, onions or tomatoes to make many delicious goodies.
  • Goat stables: These cute kids supply you with goat's milk and manure.
  • Dairy: Not hard to guess: you can collect cream, cheese and butter here.
  • Bakery: The baker makes you all kinds of sweet pastries.

To learn more about the upcoming update you can visit the official forums.

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