Another new character is ready for recruitment in Pockie Pirates

Pockie Pirates

A few days ago it was announced that the character Gecko Moria was ready for recruitment in Pockie Pirates. Today, it was announced that another new character, Tashigi the cute, a bumbling wannabe sword-master is ready for recruitment. For more details, read the announcement:

Tashigi is the latest addition to Pockie Pirates' extensive character roster.

Better known as the Iron Lady of the Marine HQ, thanks to her popularity among many of the soldiers, Tashigi has devoted herself to her obsession with swords, developing a fearsome understanding of her deadly blade in the process. But unfortunately for Tashigi, she was born with pure innocence – a bumbling trait that often makes her look as foolish as it does cute in combat. Tashigi famously made her One Piece debut by defeating two huge opponents with a single, beautiful move, only to then trip and fall flat on her face.

Captains should not let Tashigi's inherent innocence deter them from recruiting her though. Found in the South Blue Bar, Tashigi enters the world of Pockie Pirates as a powerful Level 50 character capable of unleashing fast flurries of devastating area attacks.

Her obsession with swords means she has acquired a plethora of enviable skills. Tashigi's special skill, Cut, can attack an entire row of opponents during Pockie Pirates' tense turn-based combat, causing 100%, 200%, and even 400% damage in a single sweep. Meanwhile, incredible agility means Tashigi is faster than most Snipers, and her power can be fully unleashed to maximum affect when cooperating with mass attacking skills.

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