Allods Online - Sales:Box of Gem Shards!

Allods Online

Allods Online gives you the chance to win 10,000 Premium Crystals!

A Box of Gem Shards costs 100 gPotatoes and rewards no less than 100 Gem Shards – you’ll definitely be getting your gPot’s worth! What’s appealing about the Box of Gem Shards is that if it is opened during the Box of Gem Shards event, which will be running through the sale and for a while after, is that it can reward more than what you spent in the form of Premium Crystals.

Each box can be opened 10 times, each time it is opened you will receive 10 of your 100 guaranteed Gem Shards and a chance to receive 1-5 extra, or even the 10,000 Premium Crystal prize!

If you are lucky enough to receive the 10,000 Premium Crystal prize, the rest of the charges on that box will be consumed.

Now’s the time to save up those Gem Shards – Good luck!

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