Allods hosts a pumpkin carving contest

Allods Online

As it was announced in the official page of Allods Online, you can win in-game gifts by participating in the pumpkin carving contest. Read the following announcement to find out what you'll have to do:

"Citizens of Sarnaut beware, you’re in for an Allods scare! Halloween is creeping up on us fast like a zombie…that can run…and throw poisonous vomit from its decaying gut!

We want you to celebrate this horrorific holiday with us through a pumpkin carving contest! To keep the pumpkin carving in ghoulish spirit, whatever you carve in the pumpkin must be related to Allods Online.


  • Acquire a pumpkin in real life.
  • Carve a design in the pumpkin to anything related to Allods Online. Be creative!
  • Take a picture of the pumpkin after you have carved it. Be sure to include a piece of paper next to the pumpkin that says “Allods Pumpkin Carving Contest”
  • Post a picture of your carved pumpkin in this forum event thread by Thursday, November 1st at 9:00 AM PST.
  • Write your character’s name and server when posting your event entry.

The Allods Team will choose their favorite entries and the winners will receive 1,000 Premium Crystals along with your choice of one of the Halloween vanity helms and choice of one of the Halloween back items!

You can see the available vanity items here!

The event ends shortly after Halloween so feel free to use the pumpkins you carve to scare or impress all the little boys and girls coming to your doorstep for tricks and treats!"

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