Age of Conan gets updated to version 8.4

Age of Conan

On the 11th of the October Age of Conan was updated to the version 8.4. This amazing update brought many changes to the Bear Shaman and Conqueror classes, as long as a reworked image of the Amphitheatre of Karutonia.

Class Changes

Here you can see the changes and the improvements to the Bear Shaman and the Conqueror.

The main goal behind the Bear Shaman changes is to provide the class with several feat options for different situations, as well as giving the highest feats a clearer purpose and theme and make them more powerful. For example, granting Bear Shamans the option to deal higher DPS than ever before at the cost of sacrificing some of their survivability.

The Wrath tree is oriented towards upgrading combo damage, performing combos to empower the Shaman’s healing capacity, and granting them powerful bleed effects. This tree also offers strong defensive tools making the Wrath-focused Shaman a robust melee healer with high burst effects.

The Spirits tree is strongly oriented towards empowering the Shaman’s spells in order to increase their damage and healing output. This tree additionally grants Bear Shamans a strong line of utility and defense spells making the Spirits-focused Shaman a strong caster-melee hybrid with consistent damage and powerful heals.

For Conquerors, this update includes some tweaks to the Brute tree of the class. The goal of these tweaks is to make the Brute a more attractive tank, addressing concerns players have had for the Alternate Advancement abilities and giving the Conqueror more meaningful tools through the Disciplines / Formations / Techniques / Banners system.

Dungeon Changes

Several things have also been changed in the Amphitheatre of Karutonia.

The Abyssal Keeper and his menagerie have been evicted and can now be found in Ymir's Pass. Inside the Amphitheatre, someone bigger and meaner has taken his place. A large number of other, smaller, changes have been applied to make this instance an even more stimulating experience.

Funcom has also announced that after popular demand The Amphitheatre of Karutonia is now available in a new Unchained version where level 80 characters.

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