A new update is coming for Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

A new update is coming tomorrow (14th of May) for Goodgame Empire:

New levels for existing research

Some research items have new levels. Awaiting you is –

  • Maneuver to level 7
  • Workbench to level 9
  • Shady business to level 7
  • Wheel Tire to level 10
  • Reinforced Axle to level 10

Additionally the research time required for "Shady Business" and "Maneuver" has been reduced.

Personal Prime Times

Under certain conditions a prime time may occur only for an individual player. This will not replace the official Prime Times which will still occur as usual.

Challenge against time

New players from level 5 obtain a special time challenge. If they reach level 10 before the end of the time they are given then they will be rewarded with a great starter package.

Increased quality of items from the equipment trader

The Legendary and epic packs purchased from the equipment trader will now contain better quality items.

For example if you purchase a pack of 5 items listed as legendary you will now get at least 1 legendary item and 4 items of "rare quality" or better!

Also included in this update are several smaller bug fixes.

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