A new playable race (troll) coming soon in Allods Online!

Allods Online

As it was reported today in the official Allods Online website, Polynikes and Condulus have returned from their visit with the developers and were able to get some sneak peaks at certain things upcoming for Allods Online. You can check out the first new playable race (currently in development), called the Troll, in this YouTube video.

Archetypes that will be made available for the Troll race will be the following:

  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Bard
  • Psionicist
  • Scout

There is not an ETA when the Troll race will arrive to the NA version of Allods Online although that the game team promised that they’ll keep up posted with updates. Look for the updates when Stormriders can fly through the Astral and Yasker sprouts wings!

PS: This is Allods' april fool's joke. :-)

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