A new character is ready for recruitment in Pockie Pirates

Pockie Pirates

A new character called "Gecko Moria" is now ready for recruitment in Pockie Pirates.

Returning as a new Doctor class character, Moria can be recruited by level 80+ players at the North Blue Bar, and he's bringing all the power that he once used to control his gigantic ship and crew with him.

Gecko Moria is one of the most unique characters to enter the Pockie Pirates world. Not only does he possess all of the usual Doctor class skills, he has learned some powerful protagonist abilities too. Moria combines the skills of a Doctor with the speed of a Sniper, and he can increase his entire crew's physical and magical attack abilities by 30%.

With so much force and power, Moria has the potential to become much more than a simple side character ripe for recruitment - he could become a protagonist character for many Pockie Pirates players!

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