2 new Grepolis worlds are open: Olympia and Pella


As it was announced on Grepolis' international website, 2 new worlds have just openned and they are called Olympia (en39) and Pella (en40).

Important note: You will only be able to join one of these worlds (not both). So if you join Olympia, you will not be able to also join Pella, and vice versa. Please choose carefully!

Olympia (en39) settings:

  • Conquer system: Revolt
  • Speed: 1
  • Unit speed: 1
  • Alliance limit: 200
  • Morale: Yes
  • Beginner protection: 6 days

Pella (en40) settings:

  • Conquer system: Conquest
  • Speed: 2
  • Unit speed: 2
  • Alliance limit: 80
  • Morale: No
  • Beginner protection: 4 days
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