11x11 Football Manager - Another 11x11 weekend

11x11 Football Manager

As usual, 11x11 Football manager has organized a weekend full of soccer, for all you soccer fans, read bellow the official announcement which includes the schedule and the cups.

SATURDAY, MARCH 23th 2013: Saturday Cup

Saturday we will organize for you the Saturday Cup  at 3.00pm, 4.00pm and 8:00pm GER. The Saturday Cups are designed to provide 128 players and 500% experience to players in each departure.

Note: Saturday Cups have no level restriction and are open to all users.

Users will be able to access these through the canopy flap "action" of the Games> Bowls Tournament before 15 minutes.

Winter Time Cup

Saturday, we have prepared too the Winter Time Cup at 9:00pm and 11:00pm German time!

Winter Time cup offers 128 places for trainers to venture into its extensive rounds system! The Winter Time Cups are cups that do not have any level restriction.

SUNDAY, MARCH 24th 2013 :

On Sunday, we will have the Crazy Sunday Cup! These tournaments offers 64 places and 128 places, with the right experience and 500% of high mounts coin!

The Crazy Sunday will be held only at 3:00pm GER.

Crazy Sunday A for Level 0-4 (64 players)
Crazy Sunday B for Level 5-10 (128 players)

At 2:45pm GER you may apply in these tournaments, they will be available on the "Action" Games > Cups Tournament.

Golden Jersey Cup:

On Sunday, we will have the Golden Jersey Cup. This can be found on the "Action" Games > Cups Tournament.

The tournament will start on Sunday at 4:00pm GER.

A large amount of coins awaits them! This tournament will be exclusively for the knockout stages. From 3:45pm will be accessible for joining!

Surprise Cup

On Sunday, we will have the Surprise Cups, which will be organized as follows: 5:00pm, 8:00pm, and 10:00pm in "mixed" category.

Special Cup A- Level 0-2 (32 players)
Special Cup B - Level 3 (32 players)
Special Cup C - Level 4 (32 players)
Special Cup D - Level 5 (32 players)
Special Cup E - level 6 (32 players)
Special Cup F - level 7 (32 players)
Special Cup G - Level 8 (32 players)
Special Cup H - level 9  (16 players)
Special Cup I - level 10 (8 players)

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