11x11 Championship season and Nekki cup

11x11 Football Manager

The 11x11 community has announced the next championship registration period, as long as the Nekki chameleon cup, here follows the official announcement:

Championship season registrations

From Thursday 3 May, 2012 until Friday 11 May, 2012 we have the aplication period for next Championship season.

Registration is open to all users of level 4 and above. When making the application, you can choose a time preference for the matches to be held, but this time is speculative and not guaranteed, it is only one parameter for the system to allocate the groups trying to bring you the time you requested.

Registration can be done in Games > Championship.

Nekki Chameleon Cup

Today, May 3rd, 2012 at 5:00pm, 8:00pm and 10:00pm (German Time Zone) we will organize for you the Nekki Chameleon Cup. The tournament will provide each player 500% EXP on all your games!

The Nekki Chameleon Cup will be played as follows:

  • Nekki Chameleon Beginner's Cup - for level players 0-2 (32 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Super League - for level 3 players (32 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Master League - for level 4 players (32 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Inter League - for level 5 players (32 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Champions - for level 6 players (32 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Extra - for level 7 players (64 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Alpha - for level 8 players (64 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Nano - for level 9 players (16 participants)
  • Nekki Chameleon Cosmo League - for level 10 players (8 participants)

15 minutes before the scheduled time you can enter the tournament by accessing the following path: Games > Cups Tournaments> "Action".

Special Prize to the biggest winner from each category: three invitations to tournaments.

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