1100AD receives a major update


1100AD has received a major update, together with a new server called El Dorado. Some of the new features of the game include the following:

  • New user interface, and animation.
  • New tutorial. It has become personal. Two advisors have been rendered to lead the player, and help him on the first stages of the game. Advisor images, and their personalities, have been copied from real people.
  • Sound effects. 1100AD world has become more realistic, and engaging by getting new dimension, the world of sounds.
  • Personal Page. Every user now has personal space, where all the information about the game progress and special offers is gathered in one place.
  • Reward System. Together with reputation, and experience points, which players receive after completing the campaign, now they get medals. For example, the medal for Moral Loss, that is granted when the Tavern building 4th level, or higher, is destroyed. Tavern, as everyone knows, is the best place to promote morality in the army. No tavern – no morality!

You can view some new screenshots of the game here.

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