1100AD is now updated to version #1538


Since the 1st day of November 2012, 1100AD has been updated to version #1538.

Here you can read all the changes and keep track to all the new stuff this version brought to the game.

New features:

  • added new icons for city and location capture, now when entering the valley you will see which status the location you are interested in has.
  • added new icons for city status, which are shown in the right menu “City condition” 
    Please note: this change is available only for servers Skogmark, Koryo, Albion, Crusade, and Livonia.

New features on Koryo server:

  • added new Craftable artifacts which give a bonus to a certain type of troops, for example only to infantry, as well as unique units of a certain nation, for example Mongolian Mangudai. 
    These artifacts have to be crafted from special components which you can find in citadel. To create one of the new craftable artifacts, you need to build the “Blacksmith” in citadel or in the historical city.
    Note: if the player belongs to nation A, they will be able to create and use only those artifacts, that are meant to be used by faction A;
  • added new heroes that represent the Asian server theme.


  • changed the image of English Longbowman on Britannia and Albion servers
  • summoning mercenaries mechanism was changed. The number of mercenaries arriving has decreased, and the price of summoning the mercenaries decreased to 15 gold
  • In tactical mode, you can see the properties of your hero, by bringing your mouse cursor on the image of the hero. 
    Note: Choose the army where your hero is, and mouse-over the hero's image.


  • fixed a bug where it was impossible to destroy the “Repair squad” building in neutral cities without declaring war on them
  • fixed a bug where the in “Shipyard” building level 10, it was impossible to set more than 15000 resources for trade
  • fixed a bug with contour not showing correctly; the walls of a closed contour are now shown correctly
  • fixed a bug when the walls in the city were shown as not completely built.
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