1100AD - A new Beta server is now available


A new 1100AD beta server is now online. This server features the new ui and many other changes, read bellow the official announcement to learn more.

Dear players!

The epoch of massive expansion is finally upon us!

We hope it will be nice for you to find out that two of our servers – Beta and Crusade – have now been merged into one, forming a new world by the name of BETA, which will definitely amaze you with the following:

- The server runs on new UI, which is more vivid and convenient than the old one;

- New terrain type – Swamp – is awaiting your troops in the most unexpected places and may transform your routine attack campaign into a tiresome adventure! If your troops are to travel through the swamp, there will be a movement penalty for them. Don't worry though - the swamp won't always be there - it changes its location periodically;

- Some of the artifacts have changed their usual location and the chances of a successful drop have been increased;

- New ingredients that can be very useful for the crafting purposes have been added;

- The blacksmith is now full of recipes! All permanent artifacts can now be crafted using the proper ingredients, even Teutonic Knights Shield and Replica of Tizona! Everyone gets a chance to acquire these mighty artifacts — you just need a little patience to receive them!

That is not all, for several other great changes await!

- Gift shop assortment will be expanded! Some of the presents will always be there for you while others will only appear for a limited amount of time, so be sure to check the gifts often!

- New artifacts – Chests – will contain random treasures, which can be of a high price! But even if you find something not as valuable as you thought, don't throw those things away just yet, since you can always forge something more useful in the blacksmith;

- Permanent artifacts can now be improved and repaired! Swords will serve you longer after they are sharpened and your armor will become shinier with every polishing!

Please keep in mind that those players who had their accounts on both servers, will now have to choose one of them and receive a compensation for the other.

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