World of Tanks Review

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free massively multiplayer online action game, which is set in the World War 2 (WWII) era. You get to enter epic tank battles in historical places with your team and fight versus deadly machinery with players all over the world!

The game includes an impressive and historically accurate arsenal of nearly 200 tank models from USA, Germany, France and Soviet Union, all with fully upgradable engine, armour and guns. Tanks are divided in categories like light, medium or heavy, as well as tank destroyers or self-propelled howitzers. Starting with four light tanks in your garage, you earn experience and money to research and buy new parts.

The battles are team-oriented and can get as big as 30vs30 tanks! You must occupy the enemy base or just destroy every player of the other team. There is no re-spawn if you get bombed, so you can exit the battle and enter another with one of your other tanks. Fights mix strategy and action as you drive your tank looking for enemies. As soon a foe is spotted, he will appear on the mini-map for all the team to see. Tank controls are "rusty" and clumsy, so it will take some skills to win a close combat. But as you gain experience you will become more swift and deadly.

Jump in your tank and feel the excitement of battle in mountain sides, lakes and ruined towns as you face the enemy team. Fill your garage with all kinds of tanks, earn experience and gold to buy all the upgrades and dominate in the World of Tanks!