War2 Glory Review

War2 Glory

War2 Glory is MMO war strategy browser game that puts you in command of a country fighting for wealth and glory in a World War 2 (WWII) setting with historically accurate units and weapons. You are the military commander of an occupied city where you try to build a strong army so you can face the other players.

The biggest part of the game involves management of trade, research, labour etc. with many buildings and upgrades to choose from so you can manage your country's production. Interact with other players in trading and politics and form alliances with them.

Worth mentioning are the historically accurate units which the game offers, from infantry and vehicles to ships and planes. Even famous WW2 generals are brought into the game to greatly aid your battles. The navy and air force are an important part of the game as you can mine sea resources which you will need to protect yourself from other players' attacks. With an innovative battle system, War2 Glory allows you to use tactics, bringing exciting action while fighting other players.

War2 Glory is a complete suggestion on how browser-based strategy games should be built. It will challenge your strategic and tactical skills and will bring you many hours of fun while playing. Try it and find out if you can make it in the war-mongering world of War2 Glory!