Urban Rivals Review

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is one of the most successful free online card and strategy games. As gangs try to force their laws on Clint City, there are rough fights and unexpected attacks going on. The government has totally lost control, while hooligans and villains are roaming free in the city streets targeting the rich elite who still throw expensive private parties. Every team has its own strategy and won't go down easy.

Every player signs up to enter the gates of Clint City and receives 8 character cards, each one including different skills and perks. Evolve and level them up to become stronger and unlock new abilities in short (around 5-minute) fights.

There, in the battlefield, you can check your opponent's abilities and skills, and think smart to make the right moves. After each battle you gain experience that can be distributed among your characters to combine them into an unbeatable force since they gradually gain skills, bonuses and even new look!

In Urban Rivals you define your targets based on your preferences and the time available. This way, apart from the player versus player (PvP) battles you can take up quests, trade you character cards with other players to expand your collection or just play for fun against your friends with your selected deck. Finally, you can improve your collection by buying character packs in the shop.

Urban Rivals includes hundrends of upgradable cards, unique deck combinations and more than 300 quests. Also, street tournaments are often hosted to make sure the action never stops. Try Urban Rivals now for free!