Tribal Wars Review

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is a medieval browser-based strategy game (free to play). Each player controls a village trying to gain power, fame and glory. Your main goal is to grow your village into a powerful city, so you can rule the lands.

At the beginning of the game, it is important to quickly expand (i.e. upgrade buildings, etc.) so you can start gaining a high amount of resources in a steady pace and grow your population. For the first few days you will not have to worry about attacks from other players since you’re going to be under beginners’ protection from the game itself. But, you will have to upgrade your headquarters to level three soon, so you can gain access to the barracks building and start producing your own army.

Make sure that you always keep some soldiers in your village to defend it, since you will quickly notice that you’re going to be the target of several attacks from nearby villages that will be more than willing to pay you a visit to kill your population and pillage your village.

Apart from building your own army, you can protect yourself by joining a tribe; the game is called Tribal Wars after all! Like in real life, by joining a tribe you will find several allies to help you protect your village who are also willing to help you learn the secrets of the game.

Every village that is not part of your tribe, isn’t necessary an enemy though. You can have friends and allies outside your tribe.

The main disadvantage of the game is that it looks really old (it actually is, but that usually means that it has a huge player base) since it consists only of text and images (there is some animation, but nothing fancy). On the other hand, if you try it for a few days you’re going to realize that it’s highly addictive.