The West Review

The West

The West is one of the well-known MMORPG browser games. It is set in the Wild West in the time when gold diggers and saloons were thriving. After you create your character and the game begins, you will find yourself in a random spot on the game world’s map, surrounded by several –active or ghost- towns. When you start the game, your character is not equipped with any useful items, but you’ll start getting some (and also money) while you’re progressing into the game. At the beginning you won’t have many things to do since you can just choose to perform a quest (given to you by a NPC in the saloon) or one of the available jobs which are scattered around the map. Both of these options will reward you with experience, money and/or items.

Duels are a daily routine in the Wild West; therefore, they are an important part of the game. You can duel both with other human players and with NPCs. The winner of the duel steals part of the money that the loser carries with him, and also gains some experience (and reputation).

New players have a great ally; The West’s tutorial will help you make your first steps on the game and will explain everything you’ll need to start playing.

While you complete jobs, quests or win duels, you gain experience that helps your character level up and win skill points. When your character reaches the 10th level, you get to choose the character’s class. There are four available classes (each with its own advantages), which are the following:

Adventurer: Adventurers’ advantages include that the chance to find a product when working a job is increased by 10%, the chance to find an item during work is increased by 10%, they can use hotels in foreign towns for free until level 2, the chance to get hurt while working a job is lowered by 10% and starting with hit 2 within one round of a fort battle, they have a chance of 25% to keep from being hit at all for the rest of the round.

Dueler: Duelers’ advantages include that the speed on the map is increased by 10%, the motivation for dueling raises 20% faster, they receive 10% more money in a duel, in fort battles they have a 10% chance of scoring a critical hit, their critical hits deduct an additional 10% of the maximum hit points and they can perform duels within a radius of 15 minutes without having to travel there.

Soldier: Soldiers’ advantages include that for each skill point assigned to the skill health points they receive an additional 5 health points for your character, the level needed to use a weapon is lowered by 3 levels, in duels they receive a bonus of 50% to their tactic skill, in fort battles the leadership skill for them and their four neighbors is increased by 25% and for each skill point assigned to the skill "health points", they receive an additional 5 health points.

Worker: Workers’ advantages include that the earned experience points for a job are increased by 5%, they pay 2% less banking fees, when constructing buildings in town they receive a bonus of 5% to their labor points, the motivation to construct buildings in town rises by 10% faster and in fort battles, the bonus of their sector is increased by 30% for them.

When you reach the 20th level, you get the chance to select a profession for your character, which will allow you to craft different items and products. The four professions are the following:

Field cook: The food the field cook provides will boost the character attributes for a limited time.

Tonic peddler: The tonic peddler is able to craft items that have an immediate effect and replenish energy.

Blacksmith: The blacksmith can improve equipment and weapons for a limited time.

Master saddler: The master saddler is the best friend of every traveller. With good equipment and aptitude for animals, he can shorten the travel time or increase the travel speed. He is also able to create high-quality travel gear that allows travelers to take more equipment with him.

By allocating skill points to the several available skills you can achieve the balance that you seek from your character. In conjunction with the 4 character classes and the 4 professions you will be able to create your quite unique character.

Another important part of the game is its towns. You can either create one from scratch or you can just ask for an invitation to join an existing town. Being a resident in a town, you will be able to purchase items in a lower price and also sleep for free in its hotel, so you can replenish the energy you’ve lost doing jobs, etc.

An important addition in The West’s world is the forts. A town can own a fort either by constructing it, or by conquering it after an attack (the fort needs to have at least 3000 points to be able to be attacked). In the forts there are stores and military buildings that will give major advantages to towns and its residents.

We would recommend you to join a town when you start playing the game since it will "unlock" several interesting aspects of the game.