The Settlers Online Review

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is a free browser based massive multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS) created by Ubisoft. It is based on the original "The Settlers" game and it takes place in the same world, following the same story but with the involvement of thousands gamers from around the globe.

While starting as a little settlement in an area, you immediately take on a very enlightening tutorial. There, you will familiarize yourself with the buildings, units, processes and overall gameplay of the game. Of course, the point is to enlarge your community and become a mighty nation among the other players.

There is a variety of basic structures that you can build and over time upgrade. Buildings and their upgrades need time and resources to be built. The world is full of raw materials and food; you only need to get the right buildings going to gather all of the resources that you'll need.

When it is time to expand your territory, you often need to fight with bandits or worst enemies to gain land and expand your settlement. There are several combat and leader units with various abilities which will aid you to do so.

With beautiful hand-drawn buildings and landscapes, animated workers and rich textures, Settlers Online will take you for a ride on an imaginary world, so you can build your own empire.