The Godfather: Five Families Review

The Godfather: Five Families

The Godfather: Five Families is an MMO strategy browser game based on the
homonym film series. You get to choose to join one of the five available families and as the head of the family you aim to rebuild your neighbourhood and raise your influence and army to gain control of the whole of New York city.

Your "consigliere" (counsellor) immediately jumps in to help you familiarise yourself with the game's interface and learn which aspects needs more attention. Build apartments, hideouts, restaurants, mills and more to produce money and resources for your family which are required for research in your estate's library, construction of buildings, troops training and many more features.

When you first join The Godfather: 5 Families, you receive 7 days of immunity in which you are called to raise your influence and troops and then start attacking other territories or defend yours. Train many types of units (most of them with a unique field of expertise) to aid your fights over control of the streets.

Can you be New York's next Godfather? Join the action for free and sign up for this exciting mafia strategy game to find out if you have what it takes! Try The Godfather: Five Families now!