Pirate Storm Review

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm is a free MMO strategy browser-based game, with several RPG features. Take control of a ship and sail on the inhospitable seas of the game's world, divided into 12 different maps.

You are not alone, the ocean is full of enemy ships, epic monsters and aspiring adventurers. Destroy opponents at will to gain experience and diamonds, or follow the quests found in local ports.

There are shops in every town where you can buy cannons, sails, ammunition and anything necessary to face your enemies. You can also save up to buy a new, better ship. Pirate Storm also includes a auction system in wich players can trade items between them.

When you reach higher levels, you can join a guild or create your own and fight along with your friends against vicious monsters. Finally, you can share your accomplishments with your social circle since the game supports sharing via Facebook.

A game of fierce action and unstoppable attacks while swiftly sailing through dangerous waters filled with pirates and sea-monsters. Take the Captain's place and with the help of your crew and friends dominate the world of Pirate Storm.