Miramagia Review


Miramagia is a free-to-play fantasy game, created from the company which brought us Travian, that takes players on a journey of magical world full of fantastic plants and creatures. With different character classes like Shaman, Mage, Druid or Sorcerer, you can explore the world of Miramagia, play through quests and taking control of your own herb garden filled with magical and mysterious plants.

In your herb garden you can plant, sow and harvest a huge variety of mystical plants, that includes Tubular Mushrooms, Stone Truffles, Snapdragons and many more. You can use magical spells to enrich your herbs and help them grow. Once your mystical plants are all set for harvest, you can earn huge profits by trading them in the in-game market.

Every character class has a different look and style of house, which initially look the same but changes as the game advances. A character's class can be changed at any time; but this will cost you Rubies, the game's money which has to be purchased for real money. As your character progresses, new magic spells and crops become available, however it is to be noted that the advancement is quite slow. You will have to grow lots of carrots and roses to clear the first ten levels.

Miramagia has two types of quests to play through. First is the tutorial type quest which is given to you by the Genie and the other one is a Questie. In the tutorial type quest, Genie will stay by your side and lead you through all of the games' main areas and ideas. Questie is a NPC (Non Player Character) trader that comes to your field every 6 hours and offers a quest to you to complete. For instance, he would like to buy some harvested goods from you.

Overall there's a decent bit to try and do if you are playing in an active village having other friendly players. And therefore the community feature is the one where this game succeeds. If the makers stay with the game to add updates in a timely manner, Miramagia can grow to be a good strategy farming game, and it can turn out to be the breath of fresh air that social browser-based games greatly need at the moment.